Synopsis: Morgan Dews, briefly nicknamed Merton, ran around Europe for a decade with a video camera trying to make an autobiographical novel. Eventually the film became a story of growing up and accepting love, a story about how your adoptive family can help you spread your wings and fly. It's a sweet story of lost times, a menagerie of memory and adventure, like the beat stories that inspired Morgan to move to Barcelona.

A few years later and thousands of hours of editing. Invaluable and never-ending feedback from producers Kelly Rausch and Sarah Langley Dews, we've sent it off to Jonathan Brown of Dusty Stray fame to start the score. Design director Lisa Kwon has a copy. We've begun showing it around discretely. It seems like maybe it's called Merton. Maybe it's time to try making a trailer again. Oh, and it's a personal documentary again, not the fiction we had hoped.


Slogging through rough cut territory

Lucky Bastards, started life in 2000 when I bought a video camera in Europe dreamed of making a video Tropic of Cancer. The camera would be my typewriter. 

Cut to 2015. There's enough distance to make sense of it, for the vagaries of bad memory to twist even the truth into fiction. The lies sing out. It's getting closer. Coming together. 

Lucky Bastards is the story of four friends living in the Barcelona underground who have to help each other find and make good on love. Friends, family - the people I love most - are helping make it: filming, acting, and contributing.

Ten years ago, I was at Sundance with a short, pitching Lucky Bastards as the fiction of my life - my road trip across a winter Europe, in search of love and companionship. I met someone and they called me in and said they wanted to put the movie together, for a cut, of course. I told them I wasn't ready. It was too fresh and too raw still for everybody. I said I needed to do a film about my grandparents open marriage and voyage into insanity in the fifties and sixties. He passed. I took it to the Sundance Producers Conference in 2006. That film became Must Read After My Death.

In spite of MRAMD's amazing festival run, cash and prizes, and theatrical release, I've always regretted not taking the help to make Lucky Bastards first. After Must Read I moved to Los Angeles and started working on LB. My dad got sick and died, I wrote some screenplays, some tv pilots. A weak attempt to go Hollywood. I started a family, but Lucky Bastard wouldn't go away. I thought it was too weird to pitch, I was so afraid people would say no, I couldn't even ask for help. So I crawled into my cave like before and got to work.

So now I'm climbing out of my cave, and into the sunlight. I'm looking for help on Lucky Bastards. I'm looking for your help. Let's make something great about how friends help each other!

Let's be friends.