Synopsis: Morgan Dews, briefly nicknamed Merton, ran around Europe for a decade with a video camera trying to make an autobiographical novel. Eventually the film became a story of growing up and accepting love, a story about how your adoptive family can help you spread your wings and fly. It's a sweet story of lost times, a menagerie of memory and adventure, like the beat stories that inspired Morgan to move to Barcelona.

A few years later and thousands of hours of editing. Invaluable and never-ending feedback from producers Kelly Rausch and Sarah Langley Dews, we've sent it off to Jonathan Brown of Dusty Stray fame to start the score. Design director Lisa Kwon has a copy. We've begun showing it around discretely. It seems like maybe it's called Merton. Maybe it's time to try making a trailer again. Oh, and it's a personal documentary again, not the fiction we had hoped.